Making Strappy Sandals

I took Sandal Making 1 at the Chicago School of Shoemaking. Before class, I looked for inspiration from different styles of sandals. Once I had a sense of what I wanted, I created a paper sketch for reference. During class I traced my feet so that I could create a comfortable sized footbed. Then I created a paper prototype of the sandal, in order to determine the number of straps, as well as their width and placement. 

Then I did some quick math for how many straps I would need to cut, before using the strap cutter to create the widths and cut them to size. I cut out the midsoles and soles, roughed the surfaces up so that they could be adhered to each other, dyed and burnished my straps, and assembled everything together.

I'd do a few things differently next time but I wear these on a regular basis; I'd consider this project a success!

CraftingAmanda Ruzin