Making the Saddle Bag (WIP)

When I walked into the Chicago School of Shoemaking for the first time, my eye was drawn to a particular bag that was hanging amongst the examples near the entryway. It was a brown leather saddle bag, named the "forever bag," and it reminded me of the classics that you might buy in a very high end department store.

This bag has possibly taken the longest amount of calendar time to complete than any other project I've worked on. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm getting more and more picky with my work; I actually got this bag to completion and ended up taking it all apart because I didn't like the color of the stitching. (Note to self: if you start feeling iffy about a design choice early, listen to your gut. You're never going to grow to like it.)

This afternoon I've got some free time; maybe I'll curl up and watch a movie and finish stitching this back up.

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